It’s that time of year! As we approach November, December and #GivingTuesday, everything starts to ramp up in our non-profit world.

Now is a great time to get things in order as we prepare to make the final pushes for end of year donations from our donors.

We start to receive several questions this time of year about how REACH handles receipting and tax statements.

The good news is that REACH offers several features that will simplify how you can accomplish these tasks.

Here’s what you need to know:

Individual Receipts

1. Online: Receipts are immediately sent to your donor as soon as an online donation is made via email.

2. Offline: When entering in offline or check donations, you can choose whether or not to have an email receipt sent to your donor.

3. Resend Receipt: If a donor requests a receipt from a previous donation, you can go under their Supporter record and resend the receipt following these instructions.

End of Year Statements

1. Contribution (End of Year) Statements are available anytime.

2. Donors can login to their REACH account and download their giving statements at any time. Here’s how.

3. Organizations can use our Contribution Statement Guide to create and generate a mail merge to email the statements to their donors.

4. For donors that do not have an email address on file, REACH will automatically generate a print-ready PDF that includes mailing labels so you can easily print and mail these statements.

What You Can Do Now

View Contribution Statement Guide for instructions

1. Review your Contribution Statement template and mailing label templates. Make any desired edits using HTML or contact us to learn how we can help.

2. Once you’ve finalized your template, grant supporter access to only the contribution statement template you want your supporters to be able to download and print. This will be the template used when your donors login to obtain their own giving statement.

3. We always suggest you prepare and test sending a contribution statement. This way, you are confident in the look of the statement and know all desired information is included prior to sending the statements out as a bulk action.

4. Educate your donors. Ensure your donors know how to login and access their own statements by creating and sending them a how-to guide. Here’s our overview to personalize.

What’s New This Year

We have made several updates to our Contribution Statements:

1. Listed as an Activity. Any time a contribution statement is generated, it will be noted as an Activity under your Supporter’s record. This includes if this was done on an individual action or as part of a bulk action.

2. Statement ID. You can include a donation ID field to your template to have a unique statement ID listed on each statement. You can customize the number and choose to begin the ID with the year (2019001 for example).

3. Select Country. Choose to include or exclude specific countries when generating your Contribution Statements.

4. More HTML Customization. You can customize the look and wording of your statement template, including adding footer content, various fields, your logo, fonts, colors, etc. An advanced knowledge of HTML is necessary. Contact us for pricing, should you want assistance.