Inactive Sponsorships

Sponsorships are considered Inactive and are not viewable on the public portal sponsorships page if they are Hidden, Graduated or Disabled.

Note: Marking a Sponsorship as Hidden, Graduated or Disabled does not stop recurring donations. To stop donations, you will need to cancel the recurring donation or cancel the sponsorship.

Active sponsorships refer to any sponsorship that is currently shown on the public portal, regardless of how many sponsors it has.

The inactive options selected are used to sort Sponsorships in the Admin Console when viewing Sponsorships and when running some Reports. By selecting the correct options for a Sponsorship, the dropdown search functions shown on the Sponsorships Module and Reports will return the intended results.

When creating or editing a Sponsorship record, all three options are listed as checkbox options.


When marked as a hidden sponsorship, the sponsorship will not be viewable on the public page but will be viewable to past or current sponsors when logged into their account. Select this option if the sponsorship is part of the program and has an active sponsor(s), and you want the sponsor to be able to view details, updates and send messages via admin-moderated Conversations when logged into their account. Hidden sponsorships are denoted in blue in the Sponsorships Module. An admin can add new sponsors to a Hidden Sponsorship.


When marked as Graduated, the sponsorship will only be visible to previous sponsors when logged into their account. Graduated Sponsorships have left your program but are still visible to previous sponsors only and can send messages via admin-moderated Conversations. Once marked as graduated, admins cannot add new sponsors. 


When marked as a disabled sponsorship, the sponsorship will not be viewable either on the public page or to any current or past sponsors and should have no active sponsors. Select this option if you do not want the sponsorship to be shown (publicly or to past or current sponsors). Sponsorships that are Disabled cannot send or receive messages via admin-moderated Conversations. Disabled Sponsorships will be denoted in yellow in your Sponsorships Module. An admin can add new sponsors to a Disabled Sponsorship.

Multiple Inactive Sponsorship Options

A Sponsorship can have multiple inactive sponsorship options selected for their record. For example, an Admin can mark a sponsorship as both Disabled and Graduated. Doing so will mark the sponsorship as Graduated but will keep past and current sponsors from being able to access the record. However, most often, it is not necessary to mark a Sponsorship with multiple inactive options.

Note: You do not need to mark a sponsorship as both Hidden and Disabled if you need to remove the sponsorship from both the public view and a sponsor view. Marking as only Disabled will accomplish this.

Canceling and Deleting

For instructions on how to cancel a Sponsorship for a Supporter, read our Canceling a Sponsorship article.

For information about deleting a Sponsorship or a Supporter, read our Deleting a Supporter or Sponsorship Record article.


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