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Customize Your Portal

With REACH, you can easily customize the look of your portal, specifically your Homepage, Sponsorships, Projects, Places and Campaigns pages, to match your nonprofits branding.

This includes adding and updating banner and background images, tagline text, calls to action, buttons and more.

To get started:

  • Go to Settings > Portal Setup
  • To view what your REACH Portal Home Page currently looks like, click on View Page.
  • On the Home Page tab, you can choose to bypass your Home Page, redirecting your visitors to other places you can choose from the dropdown.
  • Next, you can add a Home Banner Image. We recommend .png or .jpg files with a minimum width of 2000px.
  • Add a Home Banner Tag Line, this will be shown under your Account Name.
  • Add a Call to Action. This is your custom text and an action button, most commonly asking for a donation to an immediate need or general fund.
  • Note: To learn how to easily generate a custom url for your Call to Action Link, see Donation Forms and Links.
  • Add paragraph text for your Home Page Overview, most commonly used to describe your organization’s purpose and mission.
  • Click Save Changes

Next, click on the Sponsorships tab.

  • To view what your REACH Sponsorships page currently looks like, click on View Page.
  • Choose if you want to enable Conversations, this allows your supporters to send messages, moderated by your administrators, to sponsorships. (Available in Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus Plans)
  • Here, you can Rename Sponsorships and Sponsorship Shares (optional)
  • Add a Sponsorships Banner Image
  • Add a Message for the top of the page when viewing a single sponsorship.
  • Add text in Sponsorships Overview to briefly describe your sponsorship program.
  • Click Save Changes

Then, click through the Campaigns, Projects, Places and Gift Catalog tabs to rename, add your banner image and content as desired. Be sure to click Save Changes when complete.

Donor Portal Alerts

The Donor Portal Alerts tab allows you to create alerts for your supporters that will be displayed when they log in to their Donor Portal.

To create a Supporter Alert:

  • Click + New Supporter Alert
  • Select the Alert class.
    • Note: This will change the color of the block the alert is shown in. To preview the color, simply scroll down to view the Alert Preview. The color will change depending on your Alert class.
  • Add your Content
    • Note: Here, you can modify your font and insert links.
  • Choose an all-day Start date (optional)
  • Choose an all-day End date (optional)
  • Review the Alert in the Alert Preview box.
  • Click Save

The Supporter Alert will now be shown to your supporters when they login to the Donor Portal on the homepage screen. The Alert will be posted on the Start date and will be removed on the End date if set by your organization.

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