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In order to sync supporters’ names, addresses and phone numbers with Mailchimp, you need to have the merge fields for this information set up for your Mailchimp audience/list. 

REACH allows you integrate with multiple Mailchimp accounts. You will just need to input the unique API key for each account by going to Settings > Site Integrations > + Add New Mailchimp Account.

Please note: 

  • New records are synced nightly.  New supporters will not be available in Mailchimp until the next day.  
  • All records are synced on the weekends.
  • While REACH does push new supporter emails to Mailchimp, REACH does not update your Mailchimp subscriber information. If a supporter email is deleted in REACH or set to Do Not Email, that information will need to be changed manually in your Mailchimp subscriber list as well.
  • If a Tag is based on current status, ex: the Current Sponsor tag, REACH will update the record if the status changes – from “active” to “inactive” in Mailchimp.

To ensure the fields needed are present, login into Mailchimp and navigate to Settings > “Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags”:

On this page, make sure the following fields are present:

Important Note: The all-caps names in the “Put this tag in your content” column must be “FNAME, “LNAME”, “ADDRESS” and “PHONE”, otherwise REACH will be unable to sync these fields. The supporter’s email addresses will still sync, but the other information will not be present.

Also see our User Guide on MailChimp Setup

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