Dashboard Overview

The REACH Admin Console Dashboard is composed of several widgets that provide snapshots and visualizations in order to track and analyze your key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics and data points so you can monitor the engagement of your supporters and sponsors.

Our goal is to show you the key data that matters to you in an easily digestible, summarized view to help empower you to make strategic decisions for your organization.

REACH allows organizations to customize the Dashboard by adding, hiding or rearranging the various widgets.

This video shows what’s new in the Admin Console (redesigned August 2021) and the various ways you can customize your dashboard by adding widgets and shortcuts. It also goes over what’s new in the Supporter profiles:

Adding a Widget

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard and click on + Add Widget
  • On this screen, you can Name the Widget, choose the Type of Chart, Width on Dashboard, Type of Record, select if you want to Group Sponsorship Donations by Type, choose a Date Range for Widget and decide to Share with Other Admins
  • The Shared tab will show you the Widgets that have been Shared, which you can choose to include on your own dashboard by clicking Add Widget
  • Once you have selected the parameters for your widget, Click + Add Widget

Click the Pencil icon in the top right of a Widget to Edit, Hide or Delete it.

To Unhide a Widget, simply click on + Add Widget, the Unhide tab (this is only shown if you have Widgets hidden) and click on Unhide.

To rearrange your Widgets, simply drag and drop them into your preferred location on the Dashboard.

Note: Certain areas may vary depending upon your REACH plan; for example, if you do not use Sponsorships in REACH, Sponsorship information will not be shown on the dashboard. Additionally, Permission settings for individual admins will impact what they are able to see on the Dashboard.

The top part of the Dashboard includes any flagged notes for your organization. As shown below, you will see a red bar flagging the organization for past due sponsorship payments.

The Numbers summary includes the number of Supporters, total Donations year to date, number of Sponsorships and number of Active Sponsors.

Default widgets on your Dashboard

Change Log lists any updates made to the REACH system each month.

Donation Activity displays a graph of the Total Donations within the past 30-days.

Supporter Activity displays a graph that includes the Total and the 30-day count of New Supporters, Supporters Donated, New Sponsors and New Campaigns.

Recent Notes displays Notes admins have made on Supporter records as well as the Published date and any Comments.

Recent Messages displays updates admins have entered for a Place or Project, and the Publish Date.

Past Due Sponsorships lists the Supporter name, the Sponsorship name and the Past Due amount.

New Sponsorship Supporters lists the names of the Supporter, Sponsorship and Sponsored information.

Sponsorship Stats lists the Sponsorship Type and the number of Sponsorships, Sponsored Shares, Available Shares and Total Shares.


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