Sponsorship Images Import

REACH allows you to upload single or multiple sponsorship images at a time.

Sponsorships will not display to the public without a profile image. If you do not have one ready, you can use a generic placeholder image. 

If you are going to be doing a sponsorship import, you can do a bulk upload of your sponsorship images into your REACH account and match the images by adding the file name to your sponsorship import template.

To upload your sponsorship images:

  • First check your image sizes:
    • Your sponsorship photos must be under 3MB in total size.  Larger images will not upload into your REACH account. For best results, we recommend a square image sized to 900px X 900px at 72dpi. This size will save well and look optimal and ideal on your public sponsorship pages.
    • Note: Your sponsorship photos can be any width or height, as long as the overall size is below 3MB. 
  • Check your image file names. For best results, avoid using special characters or spaces in file names (e.g. instead of “john smith.jpg”, use “john_smith.jpg”).
  • Go to Sponsorships > Sponsorship Images.
  • Click +Add More Files
  • Click Match by File Name (optional)
    • Note: If the file name of the image is the permalink or external reference ID of the sponsorship, REACH can attempt to match the photo to the sponsorship when uploading.
  • Drop your files into the box or click to upload
  • You will be notified when the upload completes or fails for each image
  • Your images are now ready to be matched to your sponsorships import

To match your sponsorships to their image:

  • In the Sponsorship Import Template, insert the image file names in the “image” column
    • Make sure to include the filename extension
    • The complete file name is case sensitive and must match
  • This image will be used as the sponsorship’s profile image.
  • You can include more images in the columns for image_2, image_3, and image_4. A total of four images are allowed in the import for each sponsorship. These images will be included in the sponsorship’s album (which you can update your REACH Theme to display on the Sponsorship Page of the website). 

To update your sponsorship profile images, or add images to their albums, see our Sponsorship Album article.

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