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Email templates give you the ability to customize the design of the emails sent by the system to your supporters. (Customization is available in the Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus plans). You can also create your own custom email templates to communicate with your supporters for any purpose.

About System Emails

When creating and sending emails from the Emailings Module, the system uses the Emailings Template by default. Keep in mind that any customizations made to this template will reflect on all emails sent from here.

There are also a number of REACH emails that are automatically sent from the system to Supporters for the following activities, using these templates :

  • Campaign Funded – sent to supporter when their peer to peer campaign is fully funded
  • Conversation Update – sent when there is a reply/update to a conversation initiated by a supporter
  • Daily Supporter Update – reports on any information updated in the system, such as messages, albums, etc. tied to sponsorships, projects, and places the supporter donates towards. 
    • Note: This update email is turned off by default. You can turn it on by going to Settings > Account Rules and updating the checkbox for Enable Supporter Daily Digest Email
  • Default Supporter Email – used for notifications such as Yearly Recurring donation reminder, Cancelled Recurring Donation by admin or supporter, or Credit Card Expiration if selected
  • Emailings Template – used by default in the E-Mailings module
  • Failed Recurring Donation – sent when a recurring transaction payment fails
  • Honoree Note – sent to a Honoree email address if provided by the supporter giving a donation 
  • New Batch Donation – sent when an admin creates a batch donation for a supporter (Admin must select “Send email receipt”)
  • New Donation – sent when a supporter or admin creates a donation (Admin must select “Send email receipt”)
  • New Campaign – sent when a supporter creates a new campaign (Admin must select “Send email receipt”)
  • New Sponsorship – sent when a supporter or admin creates a new recurring donation to a sponsorship (Admin must select “Send email receipt”)

Note: Recurring donors automatically receive a donation receipt at the time of each recurring transaction. These are considered transactional emails.  A supporter will receive transactional emails regardless of their personal Contact Option settings. An organization can choose to disable recurring donation emails after the first is processed successfully. (This option is in Settings > Account Rules > Recurring Donations.) However, this will effect recurring donation email notifications for all supporters.

How to edit your Email Templates

  • Go to Settings > Email Templates (If this is your first time viewing your Email Templates, you may need to click the red Generate Email Templates button for the templates to appear)
  • To Edit your template, click the blue button and select Edit  
  • Use the Editor to add images and text 
  • Use the Insert Field to add information about the account, supporter and other information
  • Note: To review the fields available and the specifics of what they return, view our Liquid Objects article.
  • Click Save Changes
  • To Preview an email, click the blue button and select Send Preview. A sample email will be sent to your email address.

Notes: When editing Email Templates and creating Custom Email Templates for your organization to use, please keep in mind potential formatting issues:

  • While you can add formatting to an HTML email, not all email clients will display as intended. Different email clients – i.e. Apple Mail, Google Mail, Outlook, etc – use different engines to render HTML emails. Not all email readers have the same capabilities as a web browser.
  • Some email clients will strip CSS from an email. Other email clients may add their own styles on top of yours. There is a chance that someone receiving your email will not be able to view the HTML email and will only see the text.
  • Some email clients will show images by default. Some will not and the user must choose to display images. When sending out a bulk email in REACH, this will affect how REACH tracks if someone opened the email.  

See also Creating Custom Email Templates.

Need help? Customizing your templates is a popular option that we offer under our Retainer Services. To learn more about our Retainer Services, visit:

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