Creating Custom Email Templates

Create your own Custom Email Templates to be used when emailing a supporter from a Supporter Record, or throughout the system as when emailing a select group of supporters from Reports, or in the Communications Emailings module, or for a Project or Campaign.  

These templates can include liquid objects for Supporter information such as Name, Address, Email, or for Account information such as your organization name and address, or information related to your programs, etc.

Custom Email Templates can only pull in tagged information for a Supporter or an Account.  Information on a supporter’s sponsorships, or donation activity, can not be included in custom email templates.  

For Donation Activity, please view the New Donation Template provided and listed under Templates.

To learn more about our pre-designed email templates and how they are used in the system, see our Email Templates article.

To create a Custom Email Template:

  • Go to Settings > Email Templates
  • In the box titled Custom Templates > click New Template
  • Add a Name for your email. This is how you will identify the appropriate custom template when emailing supporters.
  • Create your email in the editor box
  • Insert fields, links, and media as needed
  • To insert Account or Supporter information when sending the email, click Insert Field in the corresponding areas in your email
  • For a list of what the fields contain, click on the Liquid Elements Available at the top of the page
  • Click Create Template

When creating a custom email template for use with your Supporters, all text colors will default to black and all headers will default to a set font size.

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