We love the Peer to Peer Challenge concept for Virtual Fundraising!

View a demo campaign here.

It’s a great way to stay engaged with your top donors, attract more supporters and encourage a healthy competition.

What: With in-person events cancelled, turn your event’s table captains or major donors into Peer-to-Peer Challenge team captains. Instead of asking that they help fill tables, challenge them to fundraise a certain amount and start a healthy competition.

How: Create one main fundraising Peer-to-Peer Challenge campaign. Each team captain can then create a sub campaign where their amounts are counted towards the larger goal. Provide each team captain with a unique keyword for text to give donations, and have them write and post about what your organization means to them on their individual fundraising page.

Ideas: Brainstorm some fun weekly challenges to encourage them to meet their goal, include some weekly rewards for goals met, post regular updates on the main campaign page with who has raised the most, who has the most donors, etc. Make it fun!

**Note: If you’re a current REACH partner and would like to update to this new campaign theme design, please follow these instructions.

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