We are updating how REACH displays and calculates past due sponsorships in order to lessen confusion and simplify the past due calculation process.

These updates will take effect tomorrow, Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

Online sponsorships will now be calculated from the Payment Start Date which is when the online, recurring donation started processing through REACH.

**Please note because of these changes, you may have supporters newly flagged as Past Due if online donations were made or entered prior to the Payment Start Date that were being included in the Expected to Date calculation.

You can review these accounts and either mark them as current or contact them to collect payment.

We have also updated the wording used in past due calculations to Tracked Given and Tracked Given with Skipped to lessen confusion.

For more detailed information regarding these updates, please review our support article.

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback as we work to further simplify this process.

How is the Past Due amount calculated?