Join us in congratulating Passion Center for Children for fully funding their Poultry and Backyard Gardening Project!

Passion Center for Children started a fundraising campaign, with a goal of $3,000, to provide gardening kits and chickens to the most vulnerable households they serve.

The project’s primary intent is to improve the overall nutrition of the members of these households while also providing long-term food security and economic empowerment opportunities.

Passion Center for Children

We spoke to Kristin Sommerville, the Communications Coordinator for Passion Center for Children about using REACH and to learn more about their campaign. Here’s what she had to say.

“Using REACH has allowed us to connect our supporters to the beautiful story that God is writing in Malawi with ease and we are so thankful for the tools and support that they have provided to help our ministry thrive.”

Background Information

Passion Center for Children serves communities orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Malawi, seeking to meet both their spiritual and physical needs.

The nonprofit identified 210 of the most vulnerable households that they serve for this project. These households consist of Infant Rescue guardians, orphans living with HIV/AIDS, Champs (special needs children and their families), orphans in Child Headed Households and young orphans living with elderly grandparents or relatives.

The Campaign

With the fully-funded campaign, each of these identified households will receive a gardening kit and chickens.

The nonprofit will start by providing 70 of the 210 households with a 18’x18′ garden and 11 chickens in an effort to improve their nutrition. The families can then sell the excess from their garden and their extra eggs to earn money, creating long-term sustainability.

Passion Center will train and instruct these households on how to raise more chickens from the chickens they’ve been given. They set a modest goal of having each household raise 50 chickens in the first year.

Once that goal is reached, they will provide the next 70 households with their start-up of 11 chickens. Those 11 chickens will have come from the chickens raised from the first 70 families.

A Specific Need

Donors could donate any amount directly to the campaign or could purchase a Poultry/Gardening Start-up Kit which consisted of 10 hens, 1 rooster, seeds for farming and the materials needed for building a chicken house.

Start-up Kit

The option to purchase a kit was listed directly on the campaign page and donors simply had to select the quantities of kits they wanted to purchase. They added the kit(s) to their cart and could complete the donation checkout process.

Campaign donors and their donation amounts were listed on the side of the campaign page or donors could choose to be anonymous. A campaign progress bar was included at the top of the campaign page.

Strong Visuals and Clear Intentions

Chikuse Family

Passion Center posted regular updates to their social media pages. Their updates detailed their campaign progress and included photos of members of the households identified.

They also mentioned the importance, focus and intention of the project was for these households to reach self-sufficiency through starting a small income-generating business.

Campaign Success

“One of the other elements we added to this campaign was sending a personal email to those who were regular sponsors of the children that were identified in the first 70 households. The sponsors were thrilled to give towards a project that would provide long-term food security and economic empowerment to their sponsored children and their families.”

They kicked off the campaign with a generous donor providing a large donation. They then asked 70 donors to provide a one-time gift of $41.

The nonprofit told their donors that they will match them with an individual orphan family/household after making a campaign donation. The donors would then be provided with regular updates on that household’s progress.

Final Thoughts

We love the option to purchase a kit directly from the campaign page. This way, donors are given a clear idea of how much to donate ($41 for a kit) and know exactly how many kits will need to be purchased to fund the campaign (70 kits for 70 families and so on). This provides a clear and easy giving decision for the donors.

It also provides full transparency, as they know exactly what their donation will provide. It’s always a good idea to be as clear and transparent as possible.

We also love the images of the families involved, making the campaign personable. This, combined with the organization taking the time to match the donor with a household, is a great, thoughtful approach.

Passion Center fully funded their campaign and we’re excited to follow their progress!

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