Today, Mission Life launched their new donor mobile app that was developed by REACH.

Join us in congratulating them!

The Mission Life App is available for download in the App Store and on Google Play.

Download in App Store
Download on Google Play

As Mission Life stated in their email to their supporters, “it’s now easier for you to share your life with your sponsor child.”

Supporters will be able to donate, sponsor a child, stay up to date on the latest news and communicate with their child in an easier, more convenient way using the app.

Supporter’s reviews are already coming in. Here’s that they have to say:

Mission Life knows that in child development, the most important thing is relationships. The nonprofit works to revolutionize child sponsorship to transform generations through Christ using intentional relationships and technology.

As soon as REACH announced the development of the new donor mobile app, Mission Life was quick to sign up. They are the first partner organization to officially launch the app.

We spoke to Angel Galvis, the CEO of Mission Life, and this is what he had to say on app’s implementation:

“After researching and talking to hundreds of children and people about child sponsorship, it was clear something was missing. There was no effective connection and that is the most powerful thing you can relate to in life. It is what creates change. With the new Mission Life App, we are excited to bridge that gap so families can send and receive messages from their child from their phone!”

Watch a Video Message from Mission Life’s CEO

The REACH development team worked with Mission Life to transfer their donor, donation and sponsorship data into their mobile app as well as add their branding to customize the app for the organization’s use.

Once completed, the app was submitted to the App Store and Google Play and is now available as a free download to the organization’s supporters.

To help launch the app, the Mission Life staff recorded video messages of sponsored children and added them securely to YouTube. The staff then used Conversations within REACH to send a message to sponsors including a link to the video and instructed them to turn on closed captioning for automatic translation. Sponsors can download the new app, login in their account and then view the messages and video right from their mobile phone. They can then type a response from the app for Mission Life staff to review and share with their sponsored child.

Mission Life also purchased our marking add-on package for the app. The nonprofit worked with REACH’s marketing team to create graphics to use on their various social platforms to share and promote the new app.

Rejoicing with Mission Life on the launch of their app and looking forward to hearing stories of deepened and transformed relationships with their supporters and sponsorships. Congratulations, Mission Life!

REACH is currently working with several other partner organizations to customize the app for their usage. Current partners can sign up now to join the waitlist.
We look forward to sharing several more mobile app implementations soon!