We’re excited to announce Go Sponsor the World – a central marketing website for our REACH partners to collectively list their unsponsored and partially sponsored sponsorships. Our desire is for this new platform to bring your organization more recognition, supporters and sponsors.

Go Sponsor the World is available as an online site and as a handheld device app in the Apple iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Using the site or the app, potential sponsors can learn more about your organization and view sponsorship opportunities – searchable by location, age, gender, need and organization.

There is no additional cost for inclusion on the site. You must be a current REACH partner, US-based tax exempt organization and complete a vetting process before opting-in from your Admin Console.

How do I join?

To get started, simply e-mail us your Employer Identification Number (EIN) that you use on your organization’s IRS form 990 so we can begin the vetting process.

We will verify this information through the IRS’s Tax-Exempt Organization Search site.

E-mail us your EIN

How does it work?

Once your organization has been vetted, we will instruct you on how to choose which Sponsorship Type(s) you want to be made available on the site. This is all done in your Admin Console.

The unsponsored and partially sponsored sponsorships will then be posted and placed randomly on the Go Sponsor the World site with other REACH partner’s sponsorships.

What happens to new sponsors?

When a person chooses a sponsorship to support, they will be taken to your organization’s REACH site to complete the sponsorship process.

From this point on, these new supporters will interact directly with your organizations like any other supporter.

Ready to get started?

E-mail us your EIN