GOYA Ministries is thrilled with the success of their end of the year Virtual Celebration campaign, and so are we!

Let’s dive into their campaign and look at what worked and what we learned.

When setting out to start this campaign, GOYA wasn’t sure what to expect. They typically host end of year banquets for their donors and choosing to do a 100% virtual celebration campaign due to the pandemic was new and different.

They set high public-facing goals, but internally questioned if it would be a success.

Their campaign turned out to be a huge success with over $62,000 raised and 7 new students sponsored!

We chatted with Aubrey Emerson, the Executive Assistant for GOYA Ministries, to learn her thoughts on why, and specifically what, worked with the campaign.

Here’s what she had to say.

Having a Goal

The organization set a public goal and kept track of it on the giving page. They also listed the donor names and donation amounts. This helped them gather data, track their progress and make any adjustments, if and when, they saw fit.

Listing donor names and amounts is optional – REACH allows you to leave either or both fields anonymous – but doing so helped their supporters keep tabs on the progress of the campaign and as they found, motivated their donors to jump in and give.

“We don’t typically know until after an event how close we are to reaching our funding goal, so the progress bar was huge for us this year and was really neat for our donors to keep tabs on!”

Strong Visuals

They included strong visuals that immediately grabbed their donor’s attention – everything from a header graphic to a circular profile image to a shared video message. All were eye-catching, high quality graphics that really gave the donor a sense of their work and impact.

They also included graphics to each update they posted throughout the campaign and included video messages from leaders in their organization.

“The space for a video was a huge win. We were able to make a really nice video that integrated communicating a lot of the pieces we would have normally done for an in-person event. This took the pressure off of having to communicate everything in the live portion we did in the evening.”

Multiple Ways to Give

Donors had the option of giving online, donating via text message or sponsoring a child from the campaign page. The fact that each method integrated directly with their REACH donor database made the giving process smooth for them and for their donors.

“We felt good knowing our donors had very few hoops to jump through to be able to donate or sponsor.”

No Time Restraints

A benefit of a 100% virtual campaign was that donors had an entire day – and really, longer – to give. Not just the two-hour window in the evening that they’re accustomed to during their typical in-person events.

“It gave people the ability to interact with us that might not have been able to come to an in-person banquet, even without a pandemic. We decided to keep the page open and have continued to receive additional donations even a month after the date of the event. Score!”

Embedding Sponsorships

GOYA worked with REACH’s developers to embed a few available sponsorships directly onto the campaign page which led to gaining new sponsors.

Based on the success of this and GOYA’s feedback, we are now actively considering how to best offer this functionality and make it easier for all of our partners to embed sponsorships onto their campaign pages. Another suggestion from GOYA was additional button and layout control which we are also looking into.

Easy to Find and Use

GOYA used their social media channels, email lists and the homepage of their website to draw attention to their Virtual Campaign Celebration. Creating the campaign on REACH itself was a breeze for GOYA as they had created fundraising campaigns using REACH before.

“The ease of the general setup was a relief since we were already familiar with how a campaign works. It was wonderful to not have to figure out a new platform.”

Final Thoughts

We are thrilled that GOYA’s campaign was such a success and will be continually adding new functionality and features to our fundraising campaigns.

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