Donor Mobile App Marketing Add-On Package

We are offering a Marketing Add-On Package to our organizations using the new Donor Mobile App. For a one-time charge of $200, organizations can choose from the following templates to be customized by our REACH marketing team.

Organizations can choose one of the two sets of graphics (How to Use or Presentation) and any three of the six individual graphics (Standard, Have you Downloaded?, Did you Know?, Text Bubble, Check it Out or Basic). Customizations include adding your organization’s color scheme, fonts and app screenshots as well as resizing the templates for usage on your desired social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

Organizations wishing to purchase the add-on package should click below to submit the online form. Once submitted, we will add the $200 charge to your monthly invoice in REACH.

How to Use Graphics

This is a set of graphics to inform donors how to use the donor mobile app. Graphics can be resized for a variety of social media platforms.

Presentation Graphics

This is a set of graphics meant to be an general overview of the donor mobile app for presentation use.

Individual Graphics

A variety of other graphics that can be customized and resized.


Multiple Screenshot, announcement.

Have you downloaded?

Single screenshot with list.

Did you know?

Single screenshot, announcement.

Text Bubble

Single screenshot, text conversation.

Check It Out

No screenshot, announcement.


Single screenshot, search in app store.