Automating time-consuming tasks can save you loads of time every week. We offer a wide range of automations to make your job of running a nonprofit easier.

Besides simply saving time, our CRM automations have several benefits helping you to focus on your most important tasks:

  • Increase your donations by requesting additional donations to cover your transaction fees and including your top needs on your donation forms
  • Increase donor retention by knowing your top donors and ensuring regular contact
  • Increase donor satisfaction by attending to any issues promptly
  • Increase donor engagement through automatic notifications of any new posts, photo additions and updates
  • Streamline your tasks through admin task assignment and scheduling of reports
  • Ensure sponsorships and recurring donations aren’t missed through upcoming payment reminders and past-due notifications

Nonprofits build their workflow, adjust admin permissions as desired and customize their automated triggers. The REACH system will handle the rest.

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