Bethlehem Christian Academy (BCA) is celebrating ten years of ministry by raising $95,000 to construct two new educational buildings for their schools in Zambia.

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Join us in congratulating them as they have already surpassed $83,000!

Donations to their Building Fund will be used for the materials, furnishings and construction of a Laboratory Building and an Academic Building at their Northern and Southern Zambia locations.

The Laboratory Building is for their growing secondary school in the Copperbelt region of Zambia and will provide labs for Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture and Physics.

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Their 3,680 square foot Academic Building will be built at their northern Zambia campus and will provide four classrooms, several offices and storage space for their growing primary school (K-7th grade).

Bethlehem Christian Academy provides a Christian education, school uniforms, nutritious meals and shares the Gospel to hundreds of children in their sponsorship program in Zambia.

The nonprofit, based in West Plains, Missouri, started using REACH in September 2018.

They began with our Essentials plan and due to their growth, have since upgraded to our Pro Plus plan.

There are no online transaction fees charged with the REACH Pro Plus plan, so many partners switch to that plan once the online transaction fees charged are more than the increased monthly plan charge ($99 for Essentials plan to $299 for the Pro Plus plan).

To accept donations for their new buildings, Bethlehem Christian Academy set up a Building Fund donation category in REACH.

How to Set Up a Donation Category

As shown above, BCA created custom donation form links for the donation amounts of $50, $150, $350, $700. This way, if a donor selected any of those amounts, the donation form is automatically pre-populated with that amount and designated to their Building Fund.

If a donor clicks on the blank amount, they are taken to a donation page where they can enter any other donation amount to be designated to their Building Fund.

How to Create Custom Donation Form Link  

Bethlehem Christian Academy shares the touching accounts of four different children who have grown up as sponsorship students in their ministry – Ruth, Moses, Misheck and Grace.

This serves to really highlight the positive impact of their ministry by sharing real, inspirational stories from these children.

We especially love the then and now photos they include of the children.

Mischeck and Grace also share how the school has benefited their community by providing water and helping adults and family members have jobs to feed their families.

Bethlehem Christian Academy also included a Sponsor A Child Today link at their bottom of their Building Fund page to encourage child sponsorship.

They have hundreds of children in their sponsorship program. The nonprofit works to select children with the greatest need for their sponsorship program – many of whom have suffered from malnutrition, are double orphans or have had very little care at home.

Education is provided for children from preschool age to 9th grade.

A sponsorship share is set to $36 per month for all children.

BCA has two shares available (totaling $72/month) for primary school children and three shares available (totaling $108/month) for secondary school children. This means a child in their program is fully sponsored when either both or all three shares are sponsored.

Whether a sponsor pays for a shared or full sponsorship, the child enters and stays within our school, receiving all the blessings of their ministry.

Using REACH, organizations can set up as many different types of sponsorship shares and types as they need. Choose how much a sponsorship costs, the information to display and how to divide a sponsorship into shares and types.

Learn more about our child sponsorship program management.

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