Our partner, Answering the Cry of the Poor Canada (ANCOP) is running a “Class of 1000” Sponsorship Drive, with the aim to bring 1,000 new children to their schools in 2021.

ANCOP’s child sponsorship program is a one-to-one sponsor to scholar relationship, providing for a total program benefit package that includes education, healthcare and socio-cultural-spiritual enhancement for both sponsored children and their parents.

As they state on their website, “Education levels the playing field, unlocks potential and breaks the cycle of poverty.”

ANCOP Canada is based in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada and started using REACH in April 2017. They began on our Sponsorships plan, transitioned to our Pro plan and are now using our Pro Plus plan level.

Their sponsorship program consists of nearly 9,000 children and includes several sponsor sites globally in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Eastern India, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Canada.

Potential sponsors can sponsor a child in Elementary or High School ($38/month) or in College or Seminary or Vocational school ($76/month) or by searching for country, gender or name.

Sponsorship covers school tuition, uniform and shoes, books and school supplies. It also provides for the child’s annual medical and dental check ups as well as any field trips, value and spiritual formation or other school-related activities.

On ANCOP’s individual sponsorship pages, they include a photo of the child, introducing the child and noting where they are from, “Meet Lavian, from Kenya!” They also include the child’s age, ID, education program, country and area as well as their date of birth, gender, interests and hobbies.

REACH enables organizations to have individual profile pages for each child/person in their sponsorship program. Organizations can include any amount of information they want to on each child’s profile using REACH’s custom fields.  Common examples include date of birth, gender, interests, hobbies, achievements and grade in school. They can have varying levels of privacy. For example, custom fields can be shown publicly, only to admins or only to sponsors.

ANCOP Canada mandates the active involvement of the child’s parents or guardians in the sponsored child’s day-to-day life, requiring them to participate in the school activities of the child, monitor their progress and supervise their after-school work at home. This is part of their effort to ensure the success and holistic educational and personal development of the child.

They also work to help build small community groups of parents of sponsored children and encourage them to meet regularly and support one another.

Potential sponsors could also choose to Sponsor a Home, which is typically a group of people who are part of a community in need. Information about the community’s background and needs are detailed, its location is shown on a map and updates are provided as they arise.

Donors can make a one-time $6,000 donation to sponsor a home in full, or can choose to sponsor for one year ($500/mo), two years ($250/mo) or three years ($170/mo). They also provide a custom donation amount option.

ANCOP Canada set up the Sponsor a Home area on their website using REACH’s Projects module.

Projects are the ongoing initiatives of your organization. You can set up a project for an orphanage you run or a community center you operate, for example. You can post messages, videos, and photo albums on your Projects pages and can associate Places, Campaigns, and Sponsorships to a Project.

ANCOP also has community guardians who live among the families of sponsored children, or are in close proximity to the sponsor sites. The guardians periodically visit the homes of the sponsored children and work to ensure that the sponsored children have the appropriate funding to cover tuition, school supplies and basic nutrition.

In addition, they also monitor the adherence to the required reporting, child letter-writing, status updates and APRs (annual progress reports) of the sponsored children in ANCOP’s program.

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