At their annual dinner event in Boston, Agape utilized REACH to provide 41 new children with full or partial child sponsorship and raised over $130,000!

Both are record numbers for the nonprofit.

Agape cares for over 250 children orphaned by AIDS in India. Through donor support and child sponsorship, the nonprofit takes the children in, gives them a home and provides them with medical care and education.

“REACH is essential to our organization and is easy to use, especially when compared to our previous provider. We will definitely continue to embrace technology tools that allow us to simplify the planning and execution of our events,”

Joe Joseph, Donor Relations for Agape

Contacting Donors

The event was Agape’s largest ever in terms of attendance, sponsorships and total donations.

To promote the event, Agape tied REACH into Mailchimp to invite donors to the event. They received a large response with 250 donors attending the event.

Sponsoring a Child with Agape

The sponsorship model is a key source of Agape’s annual funding.

Donors can sponsor a child’s residential or education expenses with their tax-deductible donation.

A residential sponsorship covers the child’s housing, meals and medical expenses for an entire year. An educational sponsorship covers a child’s educational expenses – kindergarten to high school – for an entire year.

The non-profit focused on making personal connections among their donors and sponsorships at their annual Boston dinner. Agape has learned that the donor’s connection to their sponsored child is very important.

Agape prepared and printed sponsorship cards for new children in their program that needed a residential and educational sponsor. Each card included a photo and descriptive information about one child. They placed 3-4 cards on each table at the event.

“Being able to share an updated picture of each child and include a brief bio allowed donors to personally connect to these children when choosing a child to sponsor.” 

REACH Powered

During the dinner, the speaker requested that donors choose a card from their table and explained how to sponsor that child.

Donors pulled out their mobile phones and navigated to the Agape website. There, they searched for the child to sponsor and then set up their new sponsorship through REACH. All directly from their table.

“The entire sponsorship process only took a few minutes and helped boost the number of new sponsorships. It went very smoothly and the sponsors were easily able to navigate the REACH system.” 

Lessons Learned

While preparing for the event, Agape debated whether to take time from the evening to have their donors set up their sponsorship at the event. They also wanted new children to be sponsored and avoid having duplicate sponsorships.

Once a child is sponsored, the sponsorship is immediately updated in the REACH system and on the website.

However, at an event when people are sponsoring at the same exact time, Agape wanted to avoid the possibility of multiple donors choosing the same child and then not being able to sponsor them if another donor completed the check-out process quicker.

The choice of using individualized sponsorship cards at each table helped to avoid this possibility.

Ultimately, Agape was glad they chose to have their donors sponsor children while at the event.

Technology is Essential

Technology played a major role in the event’s success.

REACH was used to communicate with donors about the event, to sponsor children at the event, to generate reports on the event’s success and to generate thank you letters to mail to donors after the event.

Other technology allowed Agape to streamline their ticket purchase process, handle guest check-in and out and silent auction bidding.

What’s Next for the Nonprofit

Agape is very grateful and excited about their event’s success! Thanks to donors, they will have the means to provide medical care and education to 41 new orphans in their program.

As the end of the year approaches, Agape is making plans to reach out to their donor base on #GivingTuesday. And, they have already started planning for next year’s annual dinner in Boston.

To learn more about Agape and the work they are doing in India, visit their website.

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