Online Demo

Thank you for your interest in REACH. The videos below provide a demonstration of the flexibility and capabilities of REACH. If you would like a more detailed walk through you can schedule an online demonstration with our support staff. If you would like to see an online example of REACH, check out our Demo Site.

The first video provides an overview of how to setup your REACH site. This includes setting up your payment gateway, setting up Administrator accounts, and linking to your site.

Please note the look and feel of the admin console recently changed, however the features shown have remained the same. We will be updating the videos in the coming weeks to show the new design.

If you are interested in using REACH to manage your sponsorship programs the video below provides an overview of REACH's capabilities.

REACH can also power your online fundraising efforts. The video below shows how campaign fundraising and peer-to-peer fundraising work in REACH.

Transparency is a key component to online fundraising. This video demonstrates how you can use projects and places to show your donors how their donations were used. 

REACH provides a powerful and efficient donor management tool that gives you a firm foundation to strengthen donor relationships and increase fundraising in less time.