3 Reasons to Consider Text to Give for your Organization

June 05, 2017 by David McWilliams

If your supporters can send a text message, they can make a donation. From anywhere, at anytime. If that's not enough to convince you to try Text to Give, here are three other reasons why we think you should consider it: 

1. It's Inexpensive and Automatic

Often text to give services are offered via a third party. This means you could have to pay for not only the software itself, but a one-time iniation fee, payment processing fee, maintenance and setup fee, vendor fee, shortcodes and for additional keywords and messages. Of course, some services are less expensive than others, only asking you to pay a portion of those costs while covering others. Our text to give is free and included with your REACH account. 

We developed our own version of Text to Give so there are no other costs for your organization. It is all included with your REACH account. Not only that, but donations received via Text to Give are automatic and charged immediately to your supporter's card on file. There is no added processing time, no waiting to access the donation. 

2. Easy Integration 

Our Text to Give solution integrates directly with your REACH account and your donor information. It is not an isolated donation channel standing out on its own. 

To clarify, our Text to Give supporter donation process is dependant upon three items: that the supporter has a record in your REACH account, that the supporter's phone number is stored under their account in REACH, and that the supporter has a credit/debit card on file in REACH. If any of these three items are not in REACH, the supporter will receive a one-time link via text message reply to complete this information when using Text to Give. 

The supporter will text a donation amount. REACH will then reply asking the supporter to confirm the amount and will include the last four digits of that supporter’s card on file in the response. Once the supporter confirms, the donation is automatically processed and will show up in the supporter’s record on your REACH account. The donation information is fully captured and will also be included on the supporter’s giving statements and tied to the giving fund associated with the Text to Give campaign. We make it easy, secure and seamless. 

3. No limitations

Many text to give services subject organizations to all sorts of limitations. We do not. 

Your organization can accept any donation amount. There is no minimum or maximum donation amount that REACH will accept using Text to Give. Each Text to Give campaign is tied to one cause at a time. We do not want to limit how many causes your organization can support so we offer unlimited keywords. The text messages you send and receive back are also unlimited. 

We hope this answered some of your perceived challenges with Text to Give. 

Ready to give it a try? Text ORPHANS to (919) 348-4926. 

Read our support article on how to get started, here: http://support.reachapp.co/knowledgebase/articles/1179502